Badin and the Secret of the Saami Title

Affiliation: Elder of a Saami community in southern Sweden

Age: 50

Personal quote: "Listen. The wind has an opinion too."

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Badin and the Secret of the Saami takes place in May, 1762. However, during the year before—May, 1761— readers had direct access to the main characters through the links below. Since the book was released, they can now answer questions and will continue to post occasional updates.


Affiliation: Adopted son of Queen Lovisa Ulrika. Brother to Gustav III and Sofia.

Age: 12

Personal quote: "Ask me anything—especially about

the weather!"



Lovisa Ulrika

Affiliation: Queen of the Kingdom of Sweden. Wife to the King, Adolf Frederick and mother to Badin, Gustav III and Sofia.

Age: 46

Personal quote: "Knowledge is in the books. Wisdom is in the proper use of that knowledge toward enlightenment and introspection."

Queen Lovisa Ulrika



Gustav III

Affiliation: Big brother to Badin and Sofia. Oldest son of Queen Lovisa Ulrika and King Adolf Frederick. Crown Prince.

Age: 16

Personal quote: "I want to be an actor when I grow up. But do not tell my mother that I said so."

Crown Prince Gustav III

Sofia Albertina

Affiliation: Little sister to Badin and Gustav III. Only daughter of Queen Lovisa Ulrika and King Adolf Frederick.  

Age: 9

Personal quote: "Mother told me not to talk to strangers. But if Badin says you are a fine person, I will talk to you."

Princess Sofia Albertina



Affiliation: Peasant girl in Hälleförs, Sweden.

Age: 12

Personal quote: "I know which mushrooms are poisonous and a few cures if you do eat them."

Anna Olsdotter

See the screenshot of a "Twitter Fight" between Gustav III and Sofia Albertina!



Affiliation: Land owner, inventor, former Royal Secretary.

Age: 50

Personal quote: "There is a poisonous venom in the Kingdom of Sweden and only I have the antidote. Only I know the way."

Anna Olsdotter