Badin and the Secret of the Saami Title


"Eric Basir has revived the legend of a unique man, 200 years after his passing. Badin, a slave who was raised as a prince in the Royal court of 17th century Sweden is a fascinating child. Follow his amazing adventures in this exciting graphic novel. Read Badin and the Secret of the Saami."

–Donald C. (USA)

"Eric C. M. Basir’s “Badin and the Secret of the Saami” is a well-researched adventure for young and old. The hero of this tale is Gustav Badin, the sadly forgotten “Black Prince”, and adopted son of Queen Louisa Ulrika of Sweden. Basir is a very solid storyteller, and while this is an entertaining price of historical fiction, it touches upon an important wide range of topics such as equality and stereotyping on one hand, and Swedish and Saami myths on the other hand. Eric C. M. Basir accomplished to meld many topics and influences into a great tale. Strongly recommended."

–Jonas V. (USA)

"Eric C. M. Basir’s intelligent work, Badin and the Secret of the Saami, is not your typical graphic novel. This clever tale weaves historical fact, controversy, and folklore into a visual masterpiece. Basir respectfully introduces his reader to the colorful and fascinating world of Badin, a child who is kidnapped from his homeland and given as a slave to the Queen of Sweden.

From the first pages of Act I, through the final Act, we are propelled with Badin into his new life with the Queen and her royal family. Though the setting for the novel is more than two centuries in the past, the racial tensions, social ladders, and the humanitarian crises faced by Basir’s characters, parallel our current global inequities. He also equips his reader with an appendix, further engaging them with references about Swedish royalty, Badin, and the Saami people.

This gripping visual narrative reveals strong, admirable characters, and would be an excellent choice for a casual or scholarly reader of any age."

–Donelle B. (USA)

"…Amazing adventures…"

"…A visual masterpiece."

"…Strongly recommended."

I've read it all. Very good and a nice story. Couchi [Badin] is the Real King!!!

–Fernando H. (Sweden)

"…A nice story."

Extra-ordinary historical cartoon story made out of true stardust.

In a genuinely packaged historical environment along with authentical Afro-Swedish actors among this high-quality cartoonist story Mr. Basir seamlessly tucks in deep and crisp historical knowledge about the sad and mean ethnic cleansing of Southernmosts Saamis in Central Scandinavia in a smooth and swift way. With the main plot pending in-between Swedish Royal Court, with Gustav III's step brother, and Bergslagen iron mining area and great ingredients of supernatural powers and Saami ”witchcraft”, the excitement is guaranteed. I see a star in its birth. Eric C. M. Basir just has to be trending!

Peter E. (Sweden)

"…Excitement is guaranteed."

The story is bold, mischievous and riveting in this graphic novel. The images help you to imagine yourself in the shoes of the characters. Again, I enjoyed reading and loved the artistic illustrations it was something totally different but really refreshing. This story is definitely ready for a movie or play in my humble opinion...Thanks to Badin and Mr. Basir!

–El Cabrel L. (USA)

"…Totally different…"

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I had to write you that I read and thoroughly enjoyed, Badin and the Secret of the Saami! I must admit this is my first graphic novel and I was really impressed by the characters, storyline and the fantastic illustrations. Very well done, and I learned some history along the way. I have already told a few of my family members about your book

–Joel F. (USA)     

"…I was really impressed…"